We fix laptops, mobile phones / gadgets

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We provide a professional service of repairs that include hardware issues such as charger port problems, battery life problems, Wifi or antenna



We have a wide range of mobile phones, tablets and computers in stock every day all at low prices to beat any

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All of our mobiles and laptops have a 3 months warranty and repairs come with a 30 day warranty and lifetime support for tech-related problems.  Our

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Problems like:

“My laptop runs very hot after a period of time and switches off”

“My laptop screen is cracked / runs very slow and crashes often”

“My laptop runs very slow and crashes often”

“I split some liquid on to the laptop and it doesn’t switch on/work properly”

“My wireless connection does’t work / isn’t working as it should”

“My keyboard has stopped working / has sticky or missing keys”

“My computer gets a blue screen / or is dead”

“I get an operating system not found / boot device not found message”

“My laptop charging port is broken and needs replacing”

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